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Climatic Company Aklimat

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Our specialists carried out SEO promotion for the company AKlimat, which specializes in the sale and installation of air conditioners. This process included several key steps to improve the company’s visibility and ranking in search engines.

The first stage of our work was the analysis of keywords and queries related to the products and services of the AKlimat company. We have studied trends in the climate systems industry and identified the most popular requests among potential clients.

Next, we audited the company’s website, identifying technical errors that could affect its position in search results. We have optimized the site structure, improved page loading speed and fixed meta tags to make the site more attractive to search engines.

One of the important steps was working on content. We have created unique and informative articles about the benefits of various air conditioner models, installation and maintenance services, as well as technologies and solutions in the field of climate control systems.

In addition, we have developed a link building strategy to increase the authority of the company’s website in the eyes of search engines. We were looking for high-quality and relevant sources where we could place links to the AKlimat website, which contributed to its growth in search results.

We have also implemented local SEO strategies to ensure that AKlimat is better visible in the region where it provides its services. This included creating local listings, optimizing the website for location keywords, and working on the company’s reviews and ratings on local platforms.

We constantly monitored the results of our efforts by analyzing traffic, keyword positions and conversions on the AKlimat website. We adjusted our strategy in accordance with the received data to make the most efficient use of resources and achieve our goals.

The result of our work was a significant improvement in the visibility of the AKlimat company in search engines. The site began to attract more targeted traffic, which led to an increase in inquiries and conversions. It became easier for customers to find the company in searches, which strengthened its position in the climate systems market.

We are proud that we were able to help the AKlimat company expand its business through SEO promotion. Our work not only improved the visibility of the site, but also helped attract new customers and strengthen the company’s position in the air conditioning and climate systems market.


Climatic Company Aklimat