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Our web studio is proud to present the website we created for the Educational portal Academy of Procurement Participants. This project was a significant step in the development of the educational sphere and the provision of quality content for procurement participants.

Before starting work, we conducted a thorough analysis of the needs and expectations of the portal audience. Based on this, we developed a site concept that takes into account best practices in web design and user experience.

The main objectives when creating the site were ease of navigation, accessibility of information and functionality. We have created an intuitive site structure with a convenient system for categorizing and searching for materials.


Particular attention was paid to design and visual appearance. We aimed to create an attractive and modern design that would be recognizable and memorable for users.

The website of the Academy of Procurement Participants contains an extensive knowledge base, including articles, videos, training courses and seminars. We have developed functionality for easy access to these resources, as well as tools for interactive training and feedback.

In addition, we have integrated a content management system into the site, which allows portal administrators to easily add, edit and manage content. This ensures that the information on the site is current and relevant.

While working on the project, we also paid attention to optimizing the site for search engines, which helps increase its visibility and attract more visitors.

The result of our work is a unique and functional educational portal, which has become a reliable source of knowledge and information for procurement participants. We are confident that the website we created will help the Academy of Procurement Participants expand its audience and improve the quality of training.


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