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Targeted Advertising for Eco Tub Restoration

What have we done

Our web studio ran a successful contextual advertising campaign in Google AdWords for Eco Tub Restoration in Chicago. The goal was to attract new clients and increase awareness of bath restoration services. We started with market and competitor analysis, identifying keywords and promotion strategies.

When creating advertisements, we paid special attention to their relevance and appeal to the target audience. Titles and descriptions were accurate and compelling to grab users’ attention. We also used ad extensions to further differentiate ourselves from competitors and provide more information about the company.

Promotion Banner

In addition, we carefully set up targeting and bidding settings to make the most of your budget and achieve high conversion rates. We constantly monitored advertising performance, analyzed data and made the necessary adjustments to optimize the campaign.

The result of our work was a significant increase in traffic to the Eco Tub Restoration website, as well as an increase in the number of requests for services. The campaign attracted many new customers, which helped the company expand its business and strengthen its position in the Chicago market. Our web studio is proud to have been able to achieve such excellent results for our client.


Eco Tub Restoration