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Targeted Advertising for Neuro Implant Clinic

What have we done

Our web studio MStudio proudly handled contextual advertising for the Neuro Implant Clinic in Valencia, Spain. This clinic is a center for neuroregenerative medicine, specializing in the treatment of serious diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

As part of our work, we made every effort to draw attention to the mission and services of the clinic. First of all, we conducted a thorough analysis of the target audience, realizing that people facing similar diseases and their families are our main target group.

Based on the findings, we developed a contextual advertising strategy that was aimed at attracting this audience and helping them find the right medical facility for treatment and support.

We actively used keywords and phrases related to neurological diseases and treatments to ensure our advertisements were visible to those seeking information about such problems and treatment options.

Additionally, we strategically placed advertisements on various platforms such as Google search engine and social media to reach the audience as much as possible and let them know about Neuro Implant Clinic.

We also paid special attention to precise wording of the ad copy and the use of attractive images that would pique the interest of potential patients and their families.

During our work, we constantly monitored and analyzed the results of our advertising campaigns. We looked at performance metrics such as CTR (click-through rate), conversions and ROI (return on investment) to optimize our campaigns and get the most out of our advertising budgets.

Thanks to our work, Neuro Implant Clinic was able to increase its visibility on the Internet and attract more patients who need help and support in the fight against severe neurological diseases. We are proud to be part of this process and contribute to improving the lives of people suffering from similar conditions.


Neuro Implant Clinic