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We were promoting on social networks for the chain of building materials stores «Alea», in order to increase their online presence and attract new customers. Our task was to make the brand more recognizable and attractive to the target audience.

To begin, we developed a social media presence strategy by identifying the key platforms on which our potential clients are most active. We also conducted a competitor analysis and research into the interests of the target audience to determine the most effective ways to attract attention to Alea stores.

One of the key elements of our work was the creation of high-quality and attractive content. We have developed a content plan that includes a variety of publications, such as product photographs, tips on choosing building materials, installation video tutorials and much more. This content helped to attract the attention of potential customers and establish Alea stores as an expert in the field of construction and renovation.

We also ran advertising campaigns on social media to expand our reach and attract new customers. We carefully set up targeting so that advertising reaches only those users who are interested in building materials and services.

However, our work was not limited to just posting content and advertising. We also actively interacted with the audience, answering their questions, comments and requests. This allowed us to establish trusting relationships with clients and create a positive image of the Alea brand.

During our work, we regularly analyzed the results of our efforts, studying audience engagement metrics, the number of clicks on ads, conversions and other indicators. This allowed us to evaluate the effectiveness of our strategy and make the necessary adjustments to achieve better results.

As a result, we were able to significantly increase the online presence of Alea stores on social networks. Customers began to seek advice and orders more often, which led to increased sales and strengthened the brand’s position in the building materials market.


Construction materials store Alea