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What have we done

We carried out promotion on social media for the company «Academy of Repairs», specializing in major design renovations. Our goal was to increase brand awareness, attract new customers and maintain engagement with existing audiences.

At the beginning of the project, we conducted a target audience analysis and identified key social media platforms that were most suitable for achieving our goals. We studied the interests and preferences of potential customers to create content that will attract their attention.

One of the important elements of our strategy was to create unique and attractive content. We have prepared photographs and videos of our projects, reviews of design solutions, tips on renovation and decoration of premises. This content allowed us to demonstrate the professionalism and quality of the Repair Academy’s services.

YouTube Analytics

We also actively interacted with the audience, answering their questions, comments and feedback. We organized various activities such as surveys, competitions and live broadcasts to stimulate audience participation and maintain interest in the brand.

Regularity of publications played an important role in our strategy. We developed a content planning schedule that helped us maintain constant interaction with the audience and keep their attention. We’ve also tailored the content to each platform to get the most out of each platform.

We ran advertising campaigns on social networks using targeting to attract new customers. We analyzed the advertising results and adjusted the strategy according to the effectiveness of different ads and target groups.

During our work, we constantly monitored the results of our efforts, analyzing the level of audience engagement, the number of clicks, conversions and other metrics. This allowed us to evaluate the effectiveness of our strategy and make the necessary adjustments to achieve better results.

As a result, we were able to significantly increase awareness of the Academy of Repair brand on social networks. Clients began to seek advice and orders more often, which led to an increase in business volume and strengthening of the company’s position in the market for major design renovations.


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